About Us

Who We Are:

• MA CAPE is an official state affiliate of the Council for American Private Education. As a statewide coalition of nonpublic elementary and secondary schools, we represent approximately 55,000 students across Independent private schools, Catholic schools, Christian schools, Jewish day schools and Islamic Schools from all four corners of the Commonwealth.

Our Mission:

• We aim to preserve the independence and foster the collaborative work of MA private schools and to support the fundamental right of parents to direct their children’s education. 

What We Do:

• We give voice to the unique perspectives of MA private schools and the families that they serve.

• We provide a forum for the private school community to engage with policy makers and each other.

• We work to increase collaboration and share best practices across MA private schools. 

Our Priorities:

• We seek to ensure equitable access to services and resources for students attending private schools with a specific focus on resources and programs that promote health and safety.

• We believe that all children in the Commonwealth deserve a healthy and safe start to life and advocate for the inclusion of private school early education programs in all EEC programs.

Who We Serve:

• Our school communities are diverse, and include minority populations, low-income families, and students with disabilities.

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